In January 2019 the ACT Government introduced new regulation to help ensure that it awards contracts to businesses that ‘do the right thing by their workers’. Under the Secure Local Jobs Code only those businesses that meet the highest ethical and labour standards will be considered for ACT Government procurement opportunities. At this time the new code applies to businesses tendering for security, construction, cleaning and traffic management but further expansion of the scope is planned.

IPP has been developing a closer working relationship with the territory over the past 18 months and is pleased to have been granted a Secure Local Jobs Certificate under the new code. The certificate confirms that IPP has compliant policies and practices in pay, employment conditions, insurance, tax, superannuation, health and safety and employee rights. The grant of a certificate not only confirms what all of us working at IPP already knew, that it’s a good place to work, but also underpins the future of our relationship with the Territory.

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