Corporate Investigations and Electronic Bug Sweeping Detection

With over 70 years of experience, IPP’s fully licensed investigators have access to the latest bug detection technology and the ability to find intelligence on a person or situation that a client would otherwise be unable to obtain. As former government agents and police detectives, our investigators have the capacity to tackle projects of all sizes with the utmost discretion to ensure our clients feel safer and more secure in their work or personal situation.

• Corporate / Private Investigations including surveillance
• Electronic Bug Sweeping Detection


Clients usually engage our team to meet compliance and industry regulations, for protection, or when they encounter theft, fraud, bullying, and deceptive conduct within the workplace or in their private lives. IPP acknowledges the need for ethical, comprehensive and discreet investigations of clients’ concerns and suspicions to obtain critical evidence.


IPP’s Corporate Investigations and Bug Sweeps team uncovers illegal activities, providing photographic and video evidence where feasible, conducts interviews with witnesses and suspects that can be used as evidence in court, undertakes background enquiries, and provides electronic bug sweeping detection.

Our electronic bug sweeps include thorough sweeping for hidden hardwired and radio frequency audio and video devices. We also test telephone systems, individual telephone handsets, VoIP equipment and electronic equipment (fax machines, projectors, televisions, electronic whiteboards and computers) using specialised equipment that can detect listening devices and telephone taps.


By conducting professional investigations and bug sweeps, the IPP team can identify weaknesses in business systems and provide intelligence for organisations before their information or systems are exploited, reducing financial losses and damage to business reputation as a result of information leaks.

We provide a report including findings, security recommendations and risk mitigation strategies which can assist organisations to develop and implement security measures and processes to identify and mitigate future instances of attempted espionage and illegal activity before significant losses occur.

Call our Corporate Investigations and Bug Sweeps team on +61 413 377 433 from a safe phone to speak to a specialist and get an obligation free quote.

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